Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nano Time is Here!

And you know what that means: an attempt to write another book! I've written up some thoughts on my characters, locations, and important what not's on Google Docs in anticipation.

Last time I participated, I wrote my entire novel in vim, segregating my chapters into different files. There's really not much else you need than that... Or so I thought.

I'm taking a rather different approach this year. I'm using the nerd tree plugin to keep better track of my chapters. The big change, however, is that I'm writing all my chapters in markdown. Through markdown, I'm provided with all the snazzy text formatting I need, but it's still plain text. I plan on writing a simple script to strip the markdown for the final paper submission. There's a good reason I'm writing the book in markdown...

You see, there's an awesome e-book management tool called calibre. I got this program to manage e-books on my wife's iPad, and they also offer a way to add books that anyone written into the Books app through various formats. I found the plain text format needing much modification to get it to look right on the device. Calibre's html support, on the other hand, is incredible, but who wants to write all those nasty tags. This lazy programmer intends to convert his markdown to html. //End third person speech.

I have an update on the cron DSL I've been working. Stay tuned on my adventure about building grammar rules (try to keep your eyes open)!

-- Philip Cali

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